3D Designing

At times, the third dimension is required to exhibit the ultimate experience. In the emerging world when it is required that the client needs to experience more than two dimensions we can certainly help you in getting that out there.

3D Logo / Product / Packaging

Packaging of a product seals the deal and the details of the packaging helps users to understand what the purpose for the product is, how it should be used, who can use it and, most importantly, if they should buy the product or not. Our goal is to make your product look great! Be it 3D logos, or just the basic packaging. Assuring you the best designs and concepts to choose from to make your product stand out.

Augmented Reality Assets Designing

Not only is it important to design an Augmented Reality for mobile users, but it is also crucial to finding out if Augmented Reality is the right medium by identifying the users and their needs. With the use of Augmented Reality Assets, we assure quality knowledge transfer, provision of technological constraints and affordances rather than physical constraints, using Static, Animated3D, Dynamic and Procedural Content.

Virtual Reality Environment Designing

Virtual Reality is no longer a future innovation as it is expanding rapidly into every field of technology possible. With Virtual Reality Devices and environments, users can actually see the virtual perceptions of various products, services and places in reality. User Interface design plays an important role while developing Virtual Reality environments in mobile apps. Using innovative ideas, quality User interface domains and creative resources our job is to design appropriate and enjoyable Virtual Reality Environments to provide the users an unforgettable experience!

Game Character / Environment / Props Designing

Want to create your own gaming character, Environment or prop? As 3D games, environments, characters, and props have rapidly made their way into the gaming world, it has become impossible to not find them! Choose from various designs or draft a design yourself, and leave the rest to us! Using quality interfaces and the best resources, we provide you the best experience in creating your very own 3D world of characters, props and even your own game!

3D Rendering Low Poly / High Poly Assets

Most 3D models are built using polygons. The more polygons the model contains, the more detailed the model will look. Choose from various designs or submit your own views to guide us in making your ideas come to life! With the help of Sophisticated rendering techniques, lighting effects and shadowing we create highly realistic appearance of the simplified object in low-poly assets by using fewer polygons. With high-poly assets, we prototype quickly and therefore choose whichever takes you the least amount of time to create the best 3D experience.