Mobile Designing

The design stickiness for a mobile phone app is the key to drive the mobile app business. The convenience and the ability to navigate flawlessly is what we strive to deliver. We specialize in Android and iOS designs primarily.

Mobile View for Websites / Responsive Designs

When it comes to viewing websites from your mobile phone, clumsy couldn’t be more of a clearer example. Since most of the audience obtained for your or any other brand, or firm, come from mobile phones and applications, its important to figure out how to organize your content to be mobile-friendly. We help figure out the best patterns, fonts, themes, and templates that stay stable on a normal computer, as well as stay intact when displayed on a mobile phone or app.

User Journey / Story Boarding for Apps

Storyboarding and user journeysare effective methods to help make a visual of what your app needs to achieve. Once your major goals are identified, then we work on finding the steps that are needed to continue the process. Then, we figure out the way people can progress through your app in order to accomplish primary tasks and add in final details that will make your app easy to use and stand out from the rest and finally keep all the pathways in your app clear of junk and risks to help make it user-friendly.

User Interface Designing

Users observe and judge designs easily on the usability and how attractive they are. One small mistake or unpleasant feature can make everything spiral downward. Wecreate designs that are user-friendly and pleasurable enough to keep them on board. Making sure the designs are enjoyable as well as appropriate. Our aim is to maintain high chances of discoverability while keeping the interface as simple as possible to eventually focus on maintaining the consistency of the brand.

User Experience Designing

While evaluating user experiences in order to progress in creating products that provide meaningful relevant, and satisfied experiences to users, we design the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of all possible branding, design, usability, and functions. Not only do we just focus oncreating usable products, but we also concentrate on other aspects of the user experiences, such as pleasure, and efficiency. We channel the best of efforts to address all relevant issues and user needs optimally, to provide a seamless and easy-going experience to the user.

Cascade Feature Designing

While visiting certain websites on your mobile phone, images present on the site seem to lose their resolution or compress to a form where it’s difficult or clumsy to view. This has a high likelihood of not providing a good experience embedded in a small space on a small screen, and hence losing interest of the viewer. With Cascading Feature Designing, we help to improve your story maps in order to be easier for access and pleasant to view without the hassle of compression or loss of resolution in the images.