Product Designing

The product offering must be as good as the product’s quality. Only peanuts could be sold in a newspaper cone. For everything else it needs a different perspective as the packaging would attract shelf space.

Researching Packaging Type (Box / Bottle / Paper)

The packaging of your product defines the quality and enhance the persuasion to the users of the results the product claims to give. Users understand the purpose of the product, how it should be used, who can use it, and above all, whether to purchase the product or not. Be it Box packaging, Bottle packaging, or Paper packaging. We make sure the consumers are attracted to your product with the creation of incredible designs and logos, guaranteeing satisfied sales!

Analysing Target Audience and Competitors

The most important question to be answered, that comes into the picture while creating a product is; For whom is this product designed for? or who should buy this particular product? Along with evaluating the target audience when it comes to marketing, it is also very important that you focus on whose product has a chance in out-smarting your product in the market. Our goal is clear and simple; Provide ideas to increase the target audience, and beat your competition by outnumbering them with your product features and design.

Creating a 2D Template and Rendering 3D

Changing 2D templates into 3D isn’t an easy task. We don’t say its impossible either! With creative ideas, templates and designs, we make 2D designs that satisfy your requirements. Using high quality software, skilled individuals work their way into making magic to bring your ideas to life. Creating unique packaging, and bringing out the extraordinary features of your product, we make sure your brand and products are unbeatable!

Designing Artwork with Actual Product Info

Providing information about your product on the packaging or artwork is absolutely necessary for the consumers to know what they are buying, and eventually will use. It is important that the presentation of the information, is clear, vivid and most of all genuine enough for the consumers to comprehend. Our job is to maintain the users trust by bringing out honest information about your product, along with gaining the interest of a consumer to purchase it using innovative ideas and incredible designs that make it stand out.

Getting Print Ready

The last, final, and fate deciding stage of designing, is printing. Worried about how your design will turn out when printed? No need to stress it over, because we are here to make sure it turns out great! Evaluating final touches and rectifying any last-minute errors with ease, we run a series of prints and thoroughly analyze each draft carefully to be sure that you are not let down at any cost, and give you a fabulous result!